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Tea House Zen Kashoin「然花抄院 / 渋谷ヒカリエ」

If you are in the mood for a nice cup of tea and a traditional Japanese sweet, I recommend you head to Zen Kashoin, a quiet and lovely Japanese tea house from Kyoto located in Shibuya.

Zen Kashoin

The Tea house is quiet and let’s you enjoy a tea experience within a modern context but away from the hustle and bustle of the Shibuya area.

zen kashoin

Zen Kashoin offers a nice selection of Japanese teas and Western coffees and teas.  If you want to try the Japanese sweets, I recommend you choose the tea sets that come with a drink (Green tea, Tea or Coffee) and a variety of cakes and biscuits of your choice for an affordable price.


zen kashoin

I had the signature cake “Zen Castella” & tea and it was delicious.  The eggs used for this cake come from chickens that have been fed premium black beans from Kyoto. It had this slightly sticky layer in the middle… yum!

Zen Kashoin

These are Muromachi Boru, basically Zen Castella baked for a bit longer, so they dry and become crunchy like a meringue cookie.  The little sticks are “Karinto” with a savoury flavour.

Zen Kashoin

Sit by the window and have a view of crazy Shibuya while you enjoy your tea time in a little piece of Kyoto

zen kashoin

Hikarie at night


I’d like to thank “Zen Kashoin’s” staff who kindly let me shoot their beautiful tea house…ありがとうございます!



Zen Kashoin,  Hikarie Shibuya 5F, 2-21-1, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan , Tel 03-6434-1517, Official Website HERE, Follow HERE


All photos on this blog were snapped by me unless otherwise noted. If you see something you’d like to share, please be sure to provide a link back to this space. Thank you!

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