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Tokyo Design Week 2015: Interactive Design「 東京デザイナーズウィーク 2015 / インタラクティブ展 」

As previous years, Tokyo Design Week saves a spot for the Universities to exhibit their work. Under the theme of “Interactive Playground” a total of 56 local and international schools presented their works.

Here’s my small selection… so many amazing works to see!

“Deco-Boko Valley” by  Architect Students Circle Flat designed this landform filled with blocks, for children to move around and create different shapes and structures. By transforming the space, our senses are transformed as well and stimulated.

TDW interactiveTDW interactive

“Chienowa” by Tama Art University / Team Architect  work with this concept in mind “The closer things are, the easier they are forgotten. Let us feel their presence once more. Thus generating new origins for those close things.”

TDW interactiveTDW interactive


“Maru Maru”  by Tohoka University.  This is an interactive playing equipment using PVC pipes. When you look or talk into the pipes the sound travels to the other end.

TDW interactive

“Waku Waku Waku”  by Chiba University designed a series of interactive games for children. They say “when children find something exciting, they naturally start playing with it. They don’t need instructions or rules”. Their designs explore this concept.

TDW interactive


“Moji”  by Tokyo Design Academy developed this concept: “taking letter as the starting point of this work,we represented being interactive. The movement and emotions of the people entering the space will be later represented in a digital image of a letter.”

TDW interactive

TDW interactive

“Tokoroten”  by TPU Design (Tokyo Polytechnic University) This team asked themselves “What’s the joy that we can’t express by words? We find it in an action of making tokoroten.  Please enjoy watching transformation of straws like tokoroten from outside, and feeling the effect of pushing lots of them from inside”

TDW interactive

TDW interactive


And a special spot for the pro… teamLab Islands

Using the latest technology, teamLab created a wonderful space for children and adults. Everyone was invited to make a drawing that was later inserted onto giant projections on the walls, this creating a story among everyone in the audience. (Want to check out other works by teamLab? Click HEREHERE)

TDW interactive

TDW interactive

TDW interactive

Many thanks to the designers for letting me shoot their works!

TDW interactive

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Tokyo Design Week 2015. October 24-November 3 (event site closed October 29). Meiji-Jingu Gaien. Tickets at the door: adults ¥3,000, university students ¥2,000, high school students ¥1,500, junior high school students ¥1,000; online tickets ¥2,500. Nearest station: Shinanomachi, Gaiemmae, or Aoyama-itchome.

All photos on this blog were snapped by me unless otherwise noted. If you see something you’d like to share, please be sure to provide a link back to this space. Thank you!


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