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Fikay Eco Fashion 「Fikay エコファッション」

Aaron Jones, is the mind behind inspiring brand Fikay. During his trip in 2011 in Cambodia, Jones discovered bags made from cement sacks and old fish-feed packets at a market in Cambodia, and started researching the supply chain. By 2012 he was working with the supplier to make fashion items from recycled bags.


Fikay works with a Cambodian organisation that provides microloans to local women and disabled adults to buy sewing machines. The people can pay back their loan over a year while working with the British brand that pays them “fair wages” to make bags, satchels and wallets.

“We pay a fair, competitive wage to local villagers who create our bags out of locally sourced, recycled materials,” says Jones. “This gives them the opportunity to learn valuable skills that permit them to have a sustainable, effective way out of poverty.”  

(Interview to Aaron Jones extracted from The Guardian)





For every Fikay product sold, bricks are donated to local school building programmes, in Siem Reap, in north-west Cambodia, helping to make a huge difference to those communities and bring about real change for the future.

By the way… “Fikay” means “Hope” ♡



I saw these amazing bags in Laforet but you can get Fikay fashion goods online HERE.  More about Fikay HERE and HERE

Other ethical fashion brands I admire are Carmina Campus and Apolis Bangladesh Project. Check them out!


I’d like to thank to Line Collection’s staff that kindly let me shoot their beautiful pop-up store, ありがとうございます!!

All photos on this blog were snapped by me unless otherwise noted. If you see something you’d like to share, please be sure to provide a link back to this space. Thank you!

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