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Ron Herman 「ロンハーマン / 世田谷」

Los Angeles store Ron Herman in Sendagaya is a very cool spot to hang out whether you are there shopping their original items or taking a break in their laid back deli/cafe.

Ron Herman

Ron Herman

The Cafe has a daily menu with several options and a nice selection of healthy smoothies, cafe and, if you’re craving something sweet, cakes, cupcakes and pastries .

Ron Herman

Ron Herman

Ron Herman


Ron Herman

Ron Herman

Full of Fun and Fashion ♡ Check Ron Herman in Midtown HERE

I’d like to thank Ron Herman’s staff that kindly let me shoot inside their beautiful Boutique/Café … ありがとうございます!!

How to get there? (Map via Ron Herman)


Ron Herman: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Sendagaya 2-11-1, Tel.03-3402-6839, Official Website HERE


All photos on this blog were snapped by me unless otherwise noted. If you see something you’d like to share, please be sure to provide a link back to this space. Thank you!


  1. Hi, I’m a japanese livin’ in setagaya.
    This store is located in Sendagaya, not setagaya.
    千駄ヶ谷 is different from 世田谷. I hope this store in my town.
    Love your blog.

    • I’m not good with kanjis and made a mistake with the store location, thanks Flygirl for your correction! ありがと!

  2. Anonymous says

    Your amazing blog makes me want to visit Tokyo.
    Great work!

    Gordon Pembridge

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