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Amberebma x Alice Morishita: A Powerful Collaboration of Creative Minds

It’s fascinating what happens when you matchmake fashion/bag designers with artists…

amberebmaNoriko Yoshii, the creative mind behind AMBEREBMA and contemporary mixed media artist Alice Morishita have shared a friendship for over a decade and have now teamed together in a collaborative-artistic project:  “AxA – AMBEREBMA × Alice Morishita”.


Combining AMBEREBMA’s high quality manufacture and Morishita’s mystical drawings, designer and artist have created two unique pieces “The Fool and The Magician” and “The Lovers”(read the stories behind these pieces HERE)

The first thing that strikes me when looking at these pieces is the details in the leather. There is a lot of radiance and luminosity and jewel-like colors.  Morishita uses a nib pen to carefully hand paint the leather creating an elaborate and unique design on each piece.


AMBEREBMA minimal and timeless pieces, designed in Netherlands (Utrecht) and made in Italy (Tuscany).



Morishita’s pieces are a mixture of ink pointillism, acrylic and charcoal.



Definitely a Powerful Collaboration of Creative Minds! You can find you can find AMBEREBMA in Tokyo HERE

AMBEREBMA official website HERE and follow HERE, Alice Morishita follow HERE and HERE




I’d like to thank Amberebma Press Office Japan for their kind invitation to this event.

All photos on this blog were snapped by me unless otherwise noted. If you see something you’d like to share, please be sure to provide a link back to this space. Thank you!






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