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HIROCOLEDGE by Hiroko Takahashi 「高橋 理子のヒロコレッジ」

Japanese textile designer Hiroko Takahashi is the director of HIROCOLEDGE, a Yukata brand that merges one of the most modern designs with the most traditional techniques dating back to Meiji Period.

Hirocoledge 06

Many artisans are involved in this long process of making these beautiful Yukatas, from the design to dyeing the fabrics, preparing the mop-ups, making tools and making a raw material called silk



Hirocoledge + Fred Perry Collaboration

The result is a beautiful pattern that can be seen both on the front and the back on the Yukata. Takahashi’s designs are flooded with her iconic dots, squares and bull’s eyes patterns in vibrant and contrasting colors.

Hirocoledge Naturally, with this artisan work, these Yukatas are a bit on the expensive side, so if it’s beyond your budget you can always get one of her trendy “Sleeve Bag” or her “Tenugi”


Tenugui is a a traditional Japanese towel that can be used for drying dishes, washing yourself, cleaning your hands, etc.

In October last year, Fred Perry and Hirocoledge teamed together to produce a limited edition of Sleeve Bags. Aren’t they just lovely? You can check more cool collaborations HERE and follow her HERE

Hirocoledge + Fred Perry Collabo


The designer posing to promote her wonderful works!

All images in this post belong to Hirocoledge. All credits go to them.  Hirocoledge Studio/Store: Address: 2k540 AKI-OKA ARTISAN, 5-9-18 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Official Website: http://takahashihiroko.com

All photos on this blog were snapped by me unless otherwise noted. If you see something you’d like to share, please be sure to provide a link back to this space. Thank you!

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