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Work Hands x Beams S/S 2014「ワークハンズ /東急ハンズとビームスがコラボレーション」

If you’re around Shibuya, you might want to check “In the Yard” , the Spring & Summer 2014 collection by WORK HANDS.  WORK HANDS is a concept store for clothing, gardening, cooking, and handicrafts works in general, created between handy crafts store Tokyu Hands and fashion brand Beams.

The new line includes printed t-shirts, border summer dresses and their iconic blue shop coats and shirts as well, that give you this “urban farmer” look.

Work Hands SS

Work Hands SS

Work Hands SS

Work Hands SS

Work Hands SS

カッコイイもの!! (Images below courtesy Work Hands, Spring & Summer “In The Yard” catalogue)

Work Hands SS

Work Hands SS

I’d like to thank Tokyu Hands Shibuya’s staff who kindly let me shoot their in-store Work Hands x Beams…ありがとうございます!!


Tokyu Hands Shibuya: 12-18 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Tel: 03-5489-5111, Official Website: http://shibuya.tokyu-hands.co.jp, Beams Official Website: http://www.beams.co.jp/


All photos on this blog were snapped by me unless otherwise noted. If you see something you’d like to share, please be sure to provide a link back to this space. Thank you!

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