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Spiral Independent Creators Festival 15 「スパイラル・インティペンデント・クリエーターズ・フェスティバル」

This past weekend was my first visit to Spiral Independent Creators Festival (SCIF) and I found it very interesting.  The exhibition took place at Spiral, a well–known artistic venue in Tokyo.

SICF starts as a competition for emerging artists who work in a wide range of genres including painting, photography, fashion, sculpture, installations and videos. 100 artists are selected and get this unique opportunity to show their artworks in two batches.


There were 50 booths to check out that day, and here’s a selection of my favorite ones.



↑↑ “Red Battle Scene – Fight with Your Own Hands”, beautiful and complex embroideries by Ruri Clarkson. Have a look at her previous exhibition here.




↑↑ “Bristle” These clothing were amazing! Designed by Iyo Hasegawa and made of cotton swabs!



↑↑ Resin sculptures of magnified insects body parts  by Takeru Odaki. The detail and reality in his sculptures was simply stunning.



↑↑ Surreal tree by Manami Ishimura. She used a glue gun to create the tree top.SICP


↑↑ Beautiful and painstaking landscape made with a ball pen by Subasa Takahashi.


↑↑ Loved this poetic installation of colorful and fragile paper boats made by Misako Fukushige. SICP

↑↑ Traditional Japanese “kokeshi” dolls woven by Mari Hanzawa (Coquesienne). Every doll had their features ちょ〜かわいい!!! ♡


↑↑ “Memory Walks (The World Is Not Flat)” by Arthur Jhuang. His daily walks in the city, documented on egg shells.

A lot of the works were done using very ordinary resources, and I love that. This is a good example that you don’t need high-tech to produce great art. Creativity at its best!

The artists featured in this post exhibited their work until May 4th. A new batch of artists is currently exhibiting until May 6th, 2014.

I’d like to thank all the artists who kindly let me shoot their artworks… ありがとうございます!!



SICF15: (Japanese only) // Spiral 5-6-23 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Tel 03-3498-1171, Closest Station: Omotesando (In front of Exit B1, Ginza, Hanzomon and Chiyoda Lines) Official Website (English, Japanese)

All photos on this blog were snapped by me unless otherwise noted. If you see something you’d like to share, please be sure to provide a link back to this space. Thank you!



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