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Farmers’ Market Aoyama 「ファーマーズマーケット/青山」

Farmers’ markets have been popping out around Tokyo in the last years. One of the most famous perhaps is “Farmers’ Market Aoyama” located in the heart of fancy Aoyama (right in front of the UN University so you can’t miss it!)

Farmers' market

farmers' market

Farmers' market

Most Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 4pm, dozens of stalls offer their fresh fruits, vegetables, rice, plants, bonsai and crafts.

Perfect bonsai from Modern Bonsai 利園

Farmers' market

Farmers' market: Farmers' market: Beautiful bonsai from Modern Bonsai 利 Check out these colorful, trendy and eco-friendly tote bags from Natural Craft Shop. Love their crafts ちょ〜かわいい!!! ♡

Farmers' market

Farmers' market

Bought a small jar of healthy and delicious “Orange Flower”, pure 100% honey produced by Tameike Farm from Ehime, Japan… おいしいい! farmers' market

And healthy herb tea…

Farmers' market: refreshing and tasty Herb Tea

Besides the stalls you can also find a wide selection of food trucks selling coffee, salads, juices and other healthy snacks. The market has outdoor tables to sit and enjoy your meal.

Farmers' market

Farmers' market

“The market’s motto is “Water, sun and the earth”, bringing together the themes of culture and cultivating and also creating a place where “people who make food” can meet with “people who eat the food” (from “Our World” by UN University)

They even have their own cute goat pet!!

Farmers' market

Fresh and beautiful flowers from Floris Hiroko

Farmers' market

Farmers' market

You can also get “NORAH”, the magazine published by Farmers’ Market to investigate the role of food and agriculture in urban life. The magazine uses paper leftover at printing companies or dead paper stock therefore creating consciousness of our consumption of paper (total global consumption of paper, including card boards, in 2011 was 400 million tons!). You can support NOAH on FB Farmers' market

Check out Farmers’ Market Aoyama and get a taste of Spring vegetables and fruits!

I’d like to thank all the people who kindly let me shoot their stalls and produce for my blog… ありがとうございます!!

Farmers’ Market Aoyama 5 Chome−53−70, Jingumae, Tokyo, Official Website: (Japanese only)

All photos on this blog were snapped by me unless otherwise noted. If you see something you’d like to share, please be sure to provide a link back to this space. Thank you!


  1. Anonymous says

    Thanks for Water, Sun and Earth markets. Flowers wrapped in newspaper is practical and beautiful. It reminds me how much paper is being used every day.

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