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Kenzo Pop up Store in Gyre – Omotesando 「ケンゾー ボックス ショップ 表参道 ジャイル」

Internationally known Japanese brand “Kenzo” has opened their adorable “Kenzo Box Shop” at Gyre Building (Omotesando) from October 11 until December 30, 2013.



Kenzo Box Shop” features the brand’s iconic eye and cloud motifs that became the logos for the season.

This kiosk-stand concept is a fun manner to approach the customers and is stocked with clothes and accessories from the A/W 2013/14 collection. Kenzo’s kid’s collection will also be available.




GYRE 3F, 5-10-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Tel 03-3498-6990, Kenzo Official Website: http://www.kenzo.com, Gyre Official Website: http://gyre-omotesando.com/
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  1. Haha – I saw that yesterday after reseeing the Katsuya Kamo hat exhibition. It was cute, there were 2 mannequins beside the box. But that bright light was annoying!

    • We’re on the same page! And yes, that light was annoying indeed!

      Re: Flying Tiger… I was there twice. There were so many girls that the police was helping to get them organized so they didn’t interrupt the cars. Will have to wait some weeks until it slows down a bit. Simply Crazy!

    • I asked the policeman if it would be open in 2014 as I thought it was a shop doing a flying visit! It will be. We have Tiger in the UK so I know what it’s about but haven’t seen it for ages and of course people queueing makes you want to see it even more!
      Yesterday I also went to American Apparel and they had ‘vintage’ giant long cardigans which were gorgeous.
      I love that area – never fails to entertain!

    • We don’t have Tiger in Argentina, so I’m looking forward to checking it out! That area is one of my fav spots here.

  2. By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask you. Have you seen the multi novelty goods shop, Flying Tiger yet? It is on that little street off Omotesando (much nearer Aoyama Dori on the Omotesando Hills side). I’ve tried 3 times to get in – there is always a queue. You have to get a ticket by 10am! It looks such fun.

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