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Goods from Everyone in Tohoku 「TOHOKU みんなのGOODS」Made in Fukushima


TOHOKU みんなの GOODS (“Goods from Everyone in Tohoku”) is a new charity project supported by Japanese company Tsutaya.

Using Tohoku traditional quilting techniques, the earthquake/tsunami-affected area has created unique and cool woven goods with a beautiful geometrical design.

The goods are all carefully handmade and you can choose from a wide selection of book covers, pouches, tissues cases, handkerchiefs and coasters. Soon you’ll be able to purchase bags as well.  They come in three colors: sky blue, brown, and a bright pink inspired in “Hamanasu”, a flower that looks like a Rose.

Tohoku Goods

Tohoku Goods

Tohoku Goods

Tohoku Goods

You can purchase these goods in any of the Tsutaya stores or through their website  (Japanese only). Money raised goes directly to help the children in the affected areas.

Please give credit where credit is due. Link to all photos, posts, etc. Play nice!

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