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Apolis Bangladesh Project: “Market Bags” 「Apolis マーケット バッグ」

In 2009 Apolis began the Bangladesh Project with a small order of 50 market bags employing 3 women in Bangladesh. Four years later, 21 artisans are now employed and over 30,000 bags have been sold.

Market Bag

Apolis’ Bangladesh Project supports Saidpur Enterprises, a non-profit group in Bangladesh that employs local women artisans who create products like the Apolis Market Bag (posted photos) and Apolis + Kinfolk Garden Tote.

The project provides women with a means of employment and literacy classes, nutrition, legal rights, educational awareness and finance. Besides creating jobs, Saidpur also provides school supplies and clothing to children in the rural community. 

Projects like this help rebuild local economies and create opportunity for the whole supply chain – farmer to manufacturer.

Market Bag

Market Bag

If you’re interested in buying the “Nakameguro” Tokyo version, they are sold through Vendor in Nakameguro (1F, 1-23-14 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tel 6452 3072).

Market Bag

Market Bag

Market Bag

For a full list of all the cities that carries them, please check here.

Apolis is adding more cities to the project as they go, and you can also recommend a partner in your area!

Market Bag

So next time you want an eco-friendly, re-usable tote bag for your market trips get a “Market Bag” !!



Please give credit where credit is due. Link to all photos, posts, etc. Play nice! (Images via Google Images)

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