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Higashiya Ginza 「ヒガシヤ ギンザ」

Higashiya Ginza is the perfect spot for some quiet time, a light lunch or a delicious cup of green tea.  Located in a second floor of the Pola Building in Ginza, this Japanese Tea Salon is simply beautiful.

As the elevator doors open, you’ll see a traditional seasonal display. During my visit, there were red Hozuki (“Lantern Plant”) as a celebration of the coming Fall.

Higashiya Ginza

The decor is cozy and relaxing, merging the contemporary and traditional Japanese aesthetics, with its wood chairs and tables, the art on the walls and the modern lighting (following images are via google).

Higashiya Ginza

Higashiya Ginza

They have an amazing selection of Japanese teas, herbs and fruits teas, as well as “Wagashi” (Japanese traditional sweets). Their menu is both in Japanese and English, so it will be easy for you to order, but English is not spoken.

My choice of green tea with grapes and cake… delicious! おいしいい!!

Higashiya Ginza

Here’s are some pretty “Wagashi”  with different shapes and colors and often reflecting seasonal plants (following images are via google).

Higashiya Ginza

Higashiya beautiful and minimal packaging usually made of natural materials such as paper, wood and straw (following images are via google).

Higashiya Ginza

Higashiya can be found in several locations around Tokyo. Click the link to have a peek at Higashiya in Minami-Aoyama.

Big thanks to my adorable friend Lori Ono who gave me a hand with some Japanese words ありがとう!  You can have a look at her wonderful blog HERE

Higashiya Ginza 2F Pola Ginza Bld., 1-7-7 Ginza, Tokyo, Tel: 03-3538-3230, Closest Station Ginza Station (Ginza Line Exit A13, 3 minutes walk) or Ginza Ichome Station (Yurakucho Line Exit 7) Official Website

All photos on this blog were snapped by me unless otherwise noted. If you see something you’d like to share, please be sure to provide a link back to this space. Thank you! Label Photo courtesy of Mellow Monk.


  1. stephanie says

    i am definitely checking out this beauty of a place when i visit in the spring time! i notice that you did pull a lot of the photos from the internet, is it because they do not allow photos? I really want to take photos there…lol

    • Stephanie, definitely check Higashiya Ginza when you visit Tokyo. Sadly, they don’t allow taking photos inside the tea house. I was able to shoot at the entrance door and you can shoot whatever your order but that’s about it. But, don’t miss the place because of this!

    • stephanie says

      Ah, that is really unfortunate. I really notice this trend of not being able to take photographs in many places in Japan. but it will definitely not stop me from checking it out! thanks for the blog post. i hope i will be able to at least photograph my food?! (please say yessssss)

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