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NUMBER Coffee & Clothes (カフェ · アンティーク ヴィンテージ · ナンバー 代官山)

Number opened only a few months ago in chic Daikanyama (slightly off the main area) and it’s a very spacious and cool venue.  They are part Café, part accessories and part vintage store.

Number Cafe

Number Cafe

The atmosphere inside the café space is relaxed and cozy.  A comfortable place to hang out and I guess dogs are also welcome in their front terrace.

Number Cafe

Number Cafe

Takumi Furuya, the barista was so friendly! Takumi-san, thanks for posing for my blog… ありがとうございます!

Number Cafe

Number Cafe

Number Cafe

Number Cafe

My cappuccino arrived quickly, and when it did, it was exquisitely well-balanced.

Number Cafe

If you need a cute place to have a delicious cappuccino after strolling around Daikanyama, check this place out.

I’d like to thank Number Coffee & Clothes’ staff that kindly let me shoot inside their beautiful Café… ありがとうございます!!




Number Coffee & Clothes: 1F & B1F, 1-33-14 Ebisu-Nishi, Shibuya ku,Tokyo, Tel 03 6277 5807, Official Website HERE


All photos on this blog were snapped by me unless otherwise noted. If you see something you’d like to share, please be sure to provide a link back to this space. Thank you!

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