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Margaret Howell Shop & Café (マーガレットハウエルショップアンドカフェ)

Blocks away from the Shibuya madness, you’ll find London-based designer Margaret Howell Shop & Café.  This spacious and quiet café is right besides the boutique and it’s just a beautiful place.

Margaret Howell

The layout is minimal and the atmosphere is lovely. There’s a very cool outdoor area surrounded by trees and plants that makes it perfect to enjoy some peacefulness over a tasty cup of tea/coffee.

They have a daily lunch menu and a nice selection of scones, muffins and sandwiches.

Margaret Howell

Margaret Howell

Margaret Howell

Margaret Howell


Margaret Howell

I’d like to thank Margaret Howell Shop & Café’s staff that kindly let me shoot inside their wonderful café… ありがとうございます!!

How to get there (Map via Margaret Howell Shop & Cafe)


Park Avenue Jinnan 1F, 1-13-8 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku. Tel: 03-5359-3721. Official Website:
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