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CoLoR CrUsh!

color 08

Color Crush

Color Crush

Color Crush

Color Crush

Shop assistant at Spinns (Harajuku) with ombre hair ❤

Color Crush

Color Crush

Color Crush

Color Crush

Color Crush

CC 11

Color Crush

Color Crush

My Panda” retail store is a very cool boutique located in the well-known Parco in Shibuya. The store was designed by Tokyo-based studio: Torafu Architects.

The brand started as a line for kids and then added the adults’ line. Their whole design is based on a two-tone scheme and you can see this same concept projected on the architect of the store. Up close, the fabrics are soft and the colors are beautiful!  The exterior of the boutique is also used as a display case and there’s also a very practical bench where you can relax a bit after  hours of walking around Shibuya.   A panda painted on the curved entrance wall, welcomes you.  

CC 07

CC 08

CC 09

To see the interior of “My Panda” click @ http://www.designboom.com/architecture/torafu-architects-my-panda-retail-store/


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  1. Love the colourful accessories you have featrured in this blog entry. I sometimes wish I could take photos of the random people I see in the street but I am anxious I would get caught! Beautiful!

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