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Agnes B x SHOHEI (アニエスベー x Shohei)

Art Facade Project “Maiden from the Far East” by Shohei*

agnesb 03

 agnesb 04

agnesb 02

agnesb 01

 View from inside Agnes B Store.

agnesb 06

agnesb 05

 *SHOHEI is an illustrator based in Tokyo. He mainly works with ballpoint pens and marker pens on illustration boards and often depics Japanese culture from his unique perspective.

Credits: clip via youtube, Music: Artist: James Pants, Title: Blanket, Label: Stones Throw Records

*Shohei official website: // AgnesB 5-7-25 Minami Aoyama, Tokyo Japan, Official Website:
Please give credit where credit is due. Link to all photos, posts, etc. Play nice! ❤

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