High/Street Fashion
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Spring Has Sprung!✿✿❀

It’s that time of year in Tokyo when we get a sudden urge to wear floral and banish chunky boots and woolen sweaters to the back of our wardrobe ✿✿

I ran into these two gorgeous and coolest girls in Yoyogi Koen. I ♥ their outfits, so fun and retro!

flower couple

flower 17

 flower 14

flower 06

flower 02

flower 15

flower 07

flower 04

flower 03flower 08

Fresh floral prints on kimonos❀

flower 09

flower 18

flower 20

flower 19

flower 13


Please give credit where credit is due. Link to all photos, posts, etc. Play nice!
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HELLO! Welcome to Universotokyo, a space where I share my inspirations, my photography and my love for Tokyo. Here is a small window into my world. Thanks for stopping by. またね!! ♡

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