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“Body Architecture” The work of Kosuke Tsumura

“If we lose our house because of a disaster, war or unemployment, as a fashion designer, what kind of clothes would I propose – and how would they look in trouble-free times?” Kosuke TSUMURA 

Final Home is a Japanese fashion brand whose concept is “Survival – Protection – Function – Recycle”. The brand started as part of Issey Miyake Inc. and nowadays stands by itself under the direction of Kosuke Tsumura.

Their iconic nylon coat found its inspiration in hunting garments and army coats and is now seen as synonym of shelter, survival and recyclability. When its pockets are stuffed with newspapers, the coats provide strong protection against the cold. When filled with emergency goods, it becomes an evacuation jacket. 

Since the coat is recyclable, you can wear it as long as you want and after a thorough wash, you can take it to any of Final Home stores and they will donate it to NGOs to help refugees or disaster victims.

final home A

The creativity of the Final Home also resides in their ability to use a wide variety of materials from filters of air conditioners to ‘akasuri’ (a cloth that is used to scrub oneself in a bath). The brand also designs other products such as a sofa made from cardboard or candles made of chocolate.

final home B

A cardboard sofa designed after the sofa cover with pockets, this has the same concept as the coat. ‘Do-it-yourself’ assembly, without glue, it can bear up to 1 ton.

Final Home Bear is a fluffy bear to protect you against the cold. The bear is placed inside the pockets of Final Home coats and it’s designed to heal one’s heart in case of a natural disaster.

final home D

final home D1

Who is behind “Final Home”?

Kosuke Tsumura (b. 1959) is the fashion designer and Director of this brand. He also serves as a Professor at Department of Scenography, Display, and Fashion Design, Musashino Art University.  He established the urban survival fashion brand called “Final Home” to embody the concept of “the ultimate home is clothes”.  He works in and across the areas of design, art and architecture. He has taken part in many art exhibitions including “Venice Biennale of Architecture” in 2000, “Shanghai Biennale” in 2002, “Safe Design Takes on Risk” (New York Museum of Modern Art) in 2005, “Documenta 13” (Kassel) in 2012.

final home E

Gallerist Mr. Nanzuka talks about the artworks by Kosuke Tsumura and his personality (Japanese with English Subtitles)

Official Website: http://www.finalhome.com/ (Japanese/English) Images and video clips via Final Home Website, Google and Azitoart

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