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Mocha Coffee (モカカフェ 代官山)

“Mocha Coffee”, one of the cutest coffee shops is nestled in the heart of Daikanyama and has a wide selection of Yemeni Mocha from each region in Yemen.

mochacoffee 06

mochacoffee 02

The interior is cozy and charming, and it’s such a pleasant place to have coffee alone or with friends.

mochacoffee 03

mochacoffee 04

The weather was lovely on Sunday, so I sat outside among the plants and flowers. There’s nothing not to love… a perfectly prepared cup of Mocha Ismaili (fruity and sweet, herb, grassy), a quiet place and excellent service. There was a tempting selection of yummy-looking food, but I didn’t indulge… this time!  

mochacoffee 05

Thank you so much for letting me shoot inside your lovely coffee shop ❤❤❤ ありがと ございます! ❤

Official Website: (Japanese/English) Edy Daikanyama 103, Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0033 JAPAN, Tel 03-6427-8285, Open Hours: 11.00 -19.00, Closed on Monday (If Monday is holiday, we’ll open and close on Tuesday.)


  1. Thank you for coming to Mocha Coffee and introducing us on your blog !
    We’re very happy to serve you the best Mocha Coffee from Yemen.
    Please pop in anytime….

  2. melissa says

    What a cute cafe, I’d like to go there next time when I’m in tokyo (*^^*)

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